Contract Manufacturing of CBD and other Suppositories

CBD and Traditional Suppositories

Factory6 has years of experience developing a multitude of CBD and other suppositories for both rectal and vaginal use. Our in house development team can create a custom formula just for you, or you can leverage one of our existing formulas to help speed time to market. 

Suppository Types

Factory6 currently manufactures Cocoa Butter, Palm Oil and Vegetable Glycerin based Rectal and Vaginal Suppositories.   Suppositories are commonly used for pain relief, UTI treatment, and cramps. 

CBD and Non CBD custom manufacturing available.  We pride our selves on full turnkey manufacturing.  Meaning we'll help you with labeling, packaging and prepping shipments for your customers across the globe. 

Factory6 Suppository Capabilities

Factory 6 manufactures 30,000 suppositories per day. Our facilities are also FDA Registered with Strict Quality Control Process.

30,000 per day 

cGMP certified clean rooms

FDA Registered facility

Strict Quality Control Processes and Electronic Batch Records



Suppository Benefits and Usage

Suppositories are incredibly effective because they work so quickly. Once inserted the body begins to breakdown the active ingredients almost immediately.  Suppositories can also be loaded with much higher levels of active ingredients than capsules or tablets.  For powerful fast natural relief suppositories are the answer. 


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