At Factory6, we’ve learned a thing or two with over 15 years of experience with in-house research, product development, and manufacturing for companies large and small.

This experience helps us understand the subtle nuances of things like product selection, formulation, flavor development and scalability for your business. Understanding how all these elements come together will make the difference between a good product, a great product, or a failed product. 

Dedicated to CBD innovation and manufacturing, Factory6 is on the forefront of research and development. We are constantly innovating creative ways to deliver CBD. Our industry expertise is what gives Factory6 the edge as the premiere innovative manufacturer for fantastic, innovative CBD products that our client’s and their customers absolutely love. Our step by step process makes it easy to innovate and launch CBD products.
1. You start with identifying your brand needs and us helping you match the right product to your brand. Selecting the right product helps connect and build a relationship of trust with your audience while attracting new customers
2. Next we refine the formulation, using only the highest grade ingredients and flavors to create your unique product in our cGMP certified and FDA registered facility. Because it’s not just about getting the same old CBD tincture as everybody else, but working with our in-house research and development team to upgrade your tincture by honing the ingredients and flavors together - creating a truly premium product that will taste, look and feel better
3. Quality testing and shipping.  Before your product leaves the factory, our quality assurance team does final testing to confirm you receive only a premium product when it gets shipped out to you.
4. Finally comes selling and scaling your business. When you start ramping up your sales funnel and product volumes, Factory6 is here to keep your product in stock and support you with new product development as your thriving business grows to meet the rising demand and potential of the CBD industry.  

Read some testimonials of our clients and their experience with Factory6

Cindy England, Founder of ChillSphere Labs, is a seasoned business woman who started her CBD company with a mission to provide a better, premium product. 

Cindy’s journey to creating ChillSphere began when she discovered she had developed an allergy to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) while going through some serious health issues. Here is her story:
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As I started exploring more holistic and healthy ways to alleviate pain & deal with inflammation, I realized I wasn’t the only one looking for these solutions. I had close friends dealing with similar health issues caused by stress and lack of sleep. This is when I discovered CBD in my research. After reading about the possible benefits it might provide, I decided to try it for myself. I was amazed at the results that myself and others experienced with CBD. However, I was disappointed with the lack of options and quality in the CBD products I found on the market. So I decided to found ChillSphere Labs with a mission to provide the highest quality CBD products on the market.I began researching and interviewing several different manufacturers to help me develop my CBD products. Moving from one to the next unsatisfied with the lack of responsiveness, creativity, or an inability to keep pricing competitive for me due to high MOQ’s. 

 After having gone through 5 manufacturers, and over 300 different iterations of my logo design for packaging I became skeptical I would be able to accomplish what I set out to do with ChillSphere. Then I found Factory6. I was impressed with the white glove service, premium quality product, and amazing design creativity I experienced with Factory6. I appreciated everyone’s attitude and willingness to work with me to help innovate a truly premium product line. Especially Will, their Creative Director, who nailed my logo design in only 2 revisions. They responded to my vision creating premium products with beautiful packaging that I am thrilled to offer my customers. They help keep me competitive as a startup with their low minimum order quantities; which allowed me to launch and offer more products from the beginning. I definitely recommend Factory6 to anyone looking to launch a CBD product or start a CBD business! The step-by-step process was so simple and easy!

Cindy England

Dale Guthrie, CEO of Nectar CBD Products decided to launch his business after a serendipitous meeting with his friend, and now business partner Sean Despain, COO of Nectar.

They both personally discovered the incredible benefits of CBD and knew they wanted to help share that beneficial experience with as many people as possible by providing a superior CBD product. Here is their experience working with Factory6:
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Working with Factory6 has been an incredible experience! 

They work hard to accommodate our needs as a start-up which really helps us to grow our business by being able to test products with our customer base without breaking the bank. From the beginning, the respect we received inspired us with the necessary confidence to establish a long-term business relationship with Factory6. 

 Starting a business is a lot of work and having a manufacturer that’s respectful and responsive was key to launching Nectar CBD. We didn’t realize how easy Factory6 is to work with until we started looking at other manufacturers and understood how hard finding a reliable and timely supply chain partner is.

Factory6 made it easy for us with low order quantities, a simple process, and incredible service that made it quick and affordable to jump into the CBD industry when we wanted to.

Dale Guthrie


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