Factory6 Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Factory6 Capabilities

Yes, Factory6 is the premier CBD product co-packer with tons of innovative production runs under our belt but did you know we do many non-CBD products as well? 

We take that same creative mindset, attention to quality, and full turnkey manufacturing capability and produce hundreds of products for our customers that don't have cannabinoids in their ingredients. 

Tincture Filling

On the daily we produce products like:

  • Energy drinks.
  • Immune boosting stick packs.
  • BCAA pre-workouts.
  • Healthy herbal veggie capsules.
  • Tasty vitamin C chewable tablets.
  • Moisturizing honey lotion and dozens of others.

Interested in making a great tasting ingestible or topical that smells like fresh lilac on an ocean breeze?  We can help.  


Below is a sampling of Factory6's capabilities:

We’re constantly adding new equipment and capabilities so be sure to call for the latest updates.


Product / Equipment Type

Current Capacity


500,000 veggie capsules per shift

Compressed Tablets (8mm, 11mm, 14mm)

20,000 per hour

Liquid Filling (10ml to 8oz)

15,000 bottles per shift

Stick Packs

12,000 per shift

Capsule Packets (Sample size sachets)

12,000 per shift

Topical Packets (Sample size creams)

12,000 per shift

Hot fill balms, salves

2,500 per shift

Powder Blending

1,250 kgs

Liquid blending

500 gallons

Steam Tunnel for shrink wrap labels

12,000 per shift


20,000 per shift.  


Finished Packaging Types

Finished means; we formulate the product, produce it, and fill it into final packaging, apply your labels, lot codes, put into secondary packaging and prep it for shipment. 

A small sampling of the types of finished packaging includes:

Powder Tubs / Jars

Sealed Bags

Liquid filled bottles


Hinged Tins

Glass of all kinds

Airless pumps and other topical applicators.

Label Application Capabilities

Shrink sleeves

Adhesive labels (Full wrap and flat surface)

Tamper Evident



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