Factory6 is a tried-and-true company committed to offering only the most rigorously tested and consistent CBD products to the world.

With over twenty years of experience perfecting their processes in other dietary supplements, Factory6 now has dedicated 100% of their efforts to creating the most innovative CBD products, making them one of the only companies exclusively committed to cannabinoids.

Operating in a GMP compliant and FDA approved facility, Factory6 follows all state and local guidelines in the growth, extraction, and distribution of their products. Ensuring immaculate quality and incorporating continual innovation in the development of CBD products is integral to the ongoing perfection of their services. Factory6 uses only trusted hemp growers and food-grade machinery to ensure consistency and quality.

Customers have access to the results of strict testing procedures that are implemented, both when the raw material is harvested and after it is processed. These tests provide information on CBD potency, microbials, heavy metals, and residual solvents--demonstrating the dedication to transparency and caliber that makes Factory6 unlike any other company. In marking their years of experience, Factory6 offers a range of innovative products that allow the customer to choose how they want to use CBD. 

Factory6 products include, but are not limited to, ingestibles, topicals, creams, oils, and CBD related ingredients - all accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, ensuring that every customer feels safe and informed. We hope that you enjoy learning more about Factory6. In the following document, you will find more information about their company and their mission.