About Factory6, Inc

Factory6 white label products can be explained with two words: consistent quality. For us, it starts with using the best plants Mother Nature has to offer and partnering with the finest organic growers.

We’ve been building our supply chain for years. To guarantee consistent quality, each farm gets a personal visit and our stamp of approval before we consider them a partner.

We use the whole hemp plant, just the way nature intended. Our specialized high CBD hemp strains are grown in the fresh outdoors with plenty of natural sunshine, clear air, and clean water. The open air of Kentucky, Colorado, and Oregon combined with organic farming methods ensure that only the highest quality hemp makes its way into our products.

Once these healthy, happy hemp plants are harvested, our process of purity continues. Everything we produce is done in FDA registered facilities that follow GMP standards. What does that mean? Quite simply, you’re getting the highest quality product available and we can prove it.

Each batch we produce is lot-coded and tracked with a complete Certificate of Analysis (COA). We can tell you where the CBD came from and what ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes it has. We test every batch for CBD/ THC potency, microbials, and heavy metals.   

Extraction Type?

When it comes to the CBD extraction process, we have you covered. Our capabilities include both alcohol and Supercritical CO2 methods. Take your pick.

  • Lot Code Tracking
  • Complete COA
  • FDA Standards
  • Quality Tested

Why Work With Us?

Apart from delivering the highest quality product, we make the process of getting CBD into your business as simple as possible. Our 15 years of experience in manufacturing and product development with some of the largest sports nutrition and nutritional supplement manufacturers in the nation has allowed us to perfect our system.

You can trust us to deliver what you want and when you want it in order to keep your business growing.

We’re transparent.

You’ll know what you’re getting as our product testing is always available and accurate.

We’re flexible.

Our CBD material is always in stock with plenty of options and can be shipped directly to you.

We’re professional.

From growing to manufacturing to making our customers happy, our business is built on quality and professionalism. We’re here to help your business grow.