White Label Personal Intimacy Oil

White Label Personal Intimacy Oil


A slippery smooth oil-based personal lubricant with full-spectrum CBD. Made with all-natural ingredients and lab-tested for your safety. Apply generously to desired areas and repeat as needed.  Made from all-natural oils like grapeseed, sandalwood, sweet almond, coconut oil, and rose.

CBD: 250 MG per bottle


SCENT:  Light sandalwood and rose

Container: 1 oz. (30mL) white tincture bottle with atomizer spray pump

Includes Fill, Lot Code, Best By Date & Safety Shrink.

MSRP: $29.95

$5.53 per container @ 50 count

$5.36 per container @ 500 count

Sample COA  (A batch-specific COA will ship with your order.)

For volume pricing call 385-387-1040